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According to the instructions of the Kenyan government, the two persons were first quarantined. After getting a positive result of the virus test, the two persons have been transferred to a special isolation center. The country ’s Ministry of Health ’s Disease Surveillance and Response Team has started tracking contacts.

The Dadab refugee camp mainly hosts Somali refugees. Before the start of the Myanmar Rohingya refugee crisis in 2017, this was the largest refugee camp in the world.

The Dadab refugee camp is very crowded, and the health services in the camp are already under great pressure. Therefore, the vulnerability of the more than 21.7 million refugees living in the camp and the 320,000 residents in the surrounding host communities is worrying.

UNHCR said it is working with partners and other UN agencies to support the Kenyan government-led national response plan to mitigate risks and prevent the virus from spreading further in refugee camps.

After efforts, the health facilities in the Dadab refugee camp were strengthened, and a quarantine center and isolation center were built, adding 955 beds. 125 hand washing stations have been installed in food distribution sites, schools and markets.

Provided 68 sets of personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline workers, 450 pairs of gloves, 45,000 surgical masks and 4 oxygen concentrators for the health center. The refugee-led group produced more than 150,000 cloth masks, which will be distributed in the next few days.

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Readers can learn about the 2019 coronavirus epidemic situation and prevention guidelines from the United Nations, the World Health Organization and United Nations agencies.
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All health workers have received training on the prevention and management of coronavirus diseases in 2019. There are currently 18 doctors, 150 nurses, 52 outpatient doctors, 11 laboratory technicians and 336 community health volunteers working in the Dadab refugee camp.

The health promotion campaign to prevent Coronavirus 2019 has reached 200,000 refugees, including through local radio stations, posters, flyers, social media, etc., as well as a dedicated website through Somali, Oromo, Dinka, Sri Lanka Wahili, Nur, French and English provide relevant information.

UNHCR, the World Food Program and partners also provided double food and hygiene supplies, such as soap and plastic buckets, to minimize aggregation and queues.

Refugee community leaders and outreach personnel have been trained and regularly share important information with refugees in the camp. UNHCR and partners have also strengthened psychosocial support and strengthened the existing dedicated helpline to ensure that refugees and asylum seekers have access to information and guidance.

The Global 2019 Coronavirus Disease Response Plan launched by UNHCR issued a total of $ 745 million in fundraising appeals, and 31% of the funds are currently in place. UNHCR called on the international community to continue and strengthen support to ensure that vulnerable refugees, asylum seekers and host communities in Kenya have access to appropriate health services and care.
The African refugees are in an emergency situation and urgently need medical equipment. Customers who consult high-voltage cables are very anxious. We do our best to meet the requirements.

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