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The problems facing Africa, the shortage of high-voltage cables

They said: “This health crisis, coupled with the debt burden of the African continent and its already fragile economy, may further deplete its reserves, weaken nascent job creation programs, and destroy the achievements made in social development and industrialization efforts. Achievements. This may plunge millions into poverty and poverty, with disastrous consequences for the human rights of the most vulnerable groups, including the poor, women and children. ”

They said that in many countries, the prices of water and basic commodities have soared, and many people are facing hunger because of the lack of food and cooking fuel. What makes people even more painful is that the region’s first economic recession appears to be happening in 25 years.

They said: “This is a basic issue of human rights protection. The international community must maintain solidarity with African people and African governments and give priority to investing more in health, water and sanitation, social protection, employment and sustainable infrastructure. To ensure that no one is left behind. ”

Bachelet and Delso said that while measures to limit movement and increase social distance are crucial in the fight against viruses, they have had a huge impact on people, especially those who rely on informal daily work to make a living.

The two also emphasized the importance of maintaining freedom of association, freedom of opinion and expression, and access to information during this period. They also called on governments and businesses on the African continent to consider making Internet access more affordable so that more people can learn about the information.

Bachelet and Delso said that the African continent has learned from its past experience in dealing with diseases such as Ebola and malaria, and acted quickly to curb the spread of the virus. They reminded African governments to protect the most vulnerable groups and put an end to violations in the context of 2019 coronavirus disease, including all forms of discrimination, violence against women, and food insecurity

Full, excessive use of force and extrajudicial executions. They pointed out that this is a legally necessary and prerequisite for success in the efforts to overcome this epidemic.

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