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What is the influence of high-voltage cable internal structure?

High-voltage cable is a connecting wire connecting various equipment, so it is a very important part. Today we will look at the effect of some structural characteristics of high-voltage cable on high-voltage cable.
The high-voltage cable high-voltage connector is an indispensable component in the high-voltage cable line. It is used to realize the connection of two cables and improve the electric field at the end of the two cables.
1. Contact resistance: The contact resistance of each contact pair of plugs and sockets should not be greater than 0.001Ω.
2. DC withstand voltage: 94kV (peak) pulsating DC voltage is applied between the three-core cable plug and socket contact pair and the ground for 15 minutes without breakdown.
1) When the plug and socket are not energized, the service life of not less than 1000 plugs and unplugs should be guaranteed;
2) The three-core cable plugs and sockets have no breakdown phenomenon under the conditions of 70kV (peak value), 50Hz AC voltage, and oil temperature of 100℃.
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