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Washington launches National Guard X  ray high-voltage cables

On May 30th local time, major cities in the United States continued to hold protests, demanding the punishment of violent law enforcement officers who killed blacks, and called for racial equality, fairness and justice. At the same time, in response to the escalating situation, the US Minnesota Governor Tim Waltz said that the National Guard has been fully mobilized to calm down the situation.
Before this, 700 National Guard members had arrived in Minneapolis, and the total number of mobilizations reached 2,500. This was the largest deployment operation in the history of Minnesota.
On May 30, a large number of police gathered in front of the White House to stare at demonstrators who protested police brutality.
In addition, the National Guard of Washington, DC issued a statement on social media that the National Guard has been launched in Washington, DC to assist the police in handling protests around the White House.
So far, protests against police injustice against ethnic minorities have swept across 32 cities in 22 states. At the same time, public opinion’s condemnation of violent law enforcement has also been amplified.


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