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3d hdmi cable pins

The high voltage connector of 3d hdmi cable is die-cast with three copper pins. The root of each pin is drilled with a small lead hole. The conductive core wire is stretched out from the hole and welded in the groove at the root of the pin.
3d hdmi cable pins
The gap between 3d hdmi cable and high voltage plug should be filled with rosin and transformer oil to improve the insulation strength.The bottom of the high voltage plug is embedded with a copper bell mouth, so as to be welded with the metal shielding layer of the high voltage cable, and connected with the high voltage cable lock mother (fixed ring) and the shell of the high voltage generator or X-ray tube head.
Metal horn can improve the distribution of electric field in the ground, and prevent the connection between the ground and too dense.
Newheek 3d hdmi cable is divided into 75KV and 90KV. We can recommend suitable 3d hdmi cable for you according to the type of your optical machine.

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