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90kvdc high voltage cable have conventional straight connector

90kvdc high voltage cable has high resistance to high voltage, and 90kvdc high voltage cable is used for 150KV’s ball tube.
90kvdc high voltage cable is used for X-ray machine in the high-voltage cable high-voltage relatively strong resistance to high-voltage cable, 75KV high-voltage cable and 90KV high-voltage cable X-ray machine is commonly used cable KV, X-ray machine for the spherical tube also has 125KV and 150KV two, so 90kvdc high voltage cable for 150 KV X-ray machine.
Low voltage cable customizable length
In general, 75KV high-voltage cable can also be used for 150KV spherical tube, but in view of the service life and safety of high-voltage cable, we do not recommend to do so, easy to shorten the service life of high-voltage cable and medical staff safety hazards.
90kvdc high voltage cable have conventional straight head and elbow two kinds of connectors, suitable for different X-ray machine models, customers in the selection of 90kvdc high voltage cable should pay attention to the choice of connectors, convenient for their own needs.

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