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A Case of Breakdown Repair of High Voltage Cable

Newheek is a professional high voltage cable manufacturer. We can not only produce high-quality high-voltage cables, but we can still repair some faulty high-voltage cables. Now let’s talk about the breakdown repair of a high voltage cable.
Before the customer had a Philips X-ray diagnostic machine, an anode high-voltage cable had been repaired by the customer himself, but due to the low withstand voltage after the repair, serious breakdown occurred during a high KV photography, and the length was about 3cm. Was burned. After the customer found my company engineer. After being repaired by our engineer, high-voltage cables have been able to be used normally, and are often used for high-KV photography, and no breakdown or discharge occurs.
The repair process is described below.
1 Cut the cable in the center of the breakdown, remove the protective layer 10cm on each side, pull the metal net to both sides, expose the cable;
2 Cut off each end of the rubber 3cm, thoroughly remove the breakdown of the insulation, and make the two sides of the core line symmetry;
3 In order to increase the length of the insulating medium surface, reduce the potential gradient and improve the insulation performance, cut the rubber with a sharp knife into a step-like shape with a width of 10mm, a thickness of 3mm, and use a trowel to round off the circle;
4 Displace the three cores of the cable by welding, and put on the insulation sleeve. Remember that each core of the butt joint can be welded without any error.
5 After the repair is cleaned with an anesthetic ether or water-sprinkler, use a high-voltage insulating rubber tape to squeeze it in a circle and wind it from the inside to the next layer one by one. When winding, leave no gaps until it is larger than the original cable diameter. 5mm , more than 10mm at both ends, then the two sides of the metal mesh is welded firmly, and finally wound tightly with insulating tape several times, on the one hand to play a protective role, on the other hand to prevent poor contact between metal mesh and insulating tape, eliminate static induced Destructive effect;
6 After the repair is completed, gradually increase the high pressure tester to 150KV. Observe no abnormality carefully and put it into normal use.

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