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A customer bought our high-voltage cable

Yesterday, the customer bought one of our high-voltage cables. The customer is a hospital, and his old high-voltage cable is leaking electricity and oil, so he wants to find a new high-voltage cable that can be used for replacement. The customer’s machine is a DR X-ray machine of a certain domestic brand, and the tube is 150KV. Based on this information, I recommend a 90KV, 8m high-voltage cable to the customer. Customers think we are more professional, and they placed an order soon. So, what types of high-voltage cables are there?
In fact, there are two types of our high-voltage cables, one is 75KV high-voltage cable, suitable for 125KV tube, and the other is 90KV high-voltage cable, suitable for 150KV tube. The length of the cable can be customized. Generally, the sickle arm uses an 8-meter-long high-voltage cable, while the gastrointestinal machine usually uses a 12-meter-long high-voltage cable. Of course, some customers have special requirements. For example, high-voltage cables of 1.6 meters and 2.5 meters can be customized. The length of our high-voltage cables is not fixed. You can choose cables of different lengths according to your specific requirements.

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