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A customer consulted our high-voltage cable

A few days ago, a customer came to inquire about our high-voltage cables. I called the customer to find out about the situation. The customer needs a high-voltage cable for a 140KV X-ray machine. I want to ask if we have any matching products. There are two types of our high-voltage cables. The 75KV high-voltage cable can be used on the 125KV X-ray machine tube, and the other is that the 90KV high-voltage cable can be used on the 150KV X-ray machine tube. Its main features are:
For medical applications, such as X-ray, DR, CT, etc.
Used to connect X-ray tube and high voltage generator
Can be customized to suit different applications
Both straight and elbow connection methods are available
High voltage cable length can be customized
High-voltage cable accessories can be ordered separately
The material inside the high-voltage cable is tin-plated copper. The process of tin-plated copper wire is slightly more complicated than that of bare copper wire. After the pure copper rod is drawn into wire, a thin layer of tin is plated on the surface of the copper wire by hot-tinning process. It becomes tinned copper wire. This wire has a silver appearance because tin is a silver metal. The wire is relatively soft and has good electrical conductivity. Compared with bare copper wire, its corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance are stronger, which can greatly extend the service life of weak current cables.
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