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A customer consults the high-voltage cable for DR

Recently, I received a high-voltage cable inquiry about a high-voltage cable for DR. The customer guessed that there was too much silicone grease. After the temperature rose, the silicone grease melted and the interface leaked oil. I have changed the cables two or three times within a year, so I want to find a suitable and reliable manufacturer to buy high-voltage cables and become a long-term supplier in the future. The customer’s request is 75KV, 6 meters, so the company’s product information is sent to the customer, waiting for the customer’s final reply. The customer’s most concerned factor is quality assurance and maintenance, and the reply stated that the warranty is within one year except for the force majeure factor.
High-voltage cable is a type of power cable, which refers to a power cable used to transmit between 1kv and 1000kv, and is mostly used for power transmission and distribution. The components of high-voltage cables from the inside to the outside include: conductor, insulation, inner sheath, filler (armor), and outer insulation. Of course, armored high-voltage cables are mainly used for underground burying, which can resist high-intensity compression on the ground and prevent damage from other external forces.
High-voltage cables are usually used on X-ray machines, DRs and CTs, and can also be used to connect X-ray tubes and high-voltage generators. The cables produced by Weifang Huading Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. can be customized to suit different applications. Two connection methods of straight elbow are available. The cable length can be customized, and the cable accessories can be ordered separately.
The cable is the bridge between the power supply equipment and the power consuming equipment, and plays the role of transmitting electric energy. Due to the wide range of applications, failures are also a frequent problem. Summarizing the causes of common problems of high-voltage cables, the classification according to the causes of failures can be roughly divided into: manufacturer manufacturing reasons, construction quality reasons, design units design reasons, and external force damage. Big category. The above-mentioned customer’s situation should be due to construction quality reasons. Therefore, great attention should be paid to the installation of cables.

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