A customer wants to order a 15-meter high-voltage cable - Newheek X ray Cable

A customer wants to order a 15-meter high-voltage cable

The high-voltage cable is one of our Newheek’s explosive products. Our high-voltage cable is mainly used to connect the tube and the high-voltage generator, which is used on the X-ray machine. A few days ago, an Indian customer inquired about our high-voltage cables and wanted single-needle wires, but our products did not meet the requirements. Customers are very interested in our products and want to buy only a cord without any plug.
The length of Newheek’s high-voltage cables can be customized arbitrarily, even if plugs and sockets are not required. Tell the customer yes, the customer directly placed an order to buy a high-voltage cable with a length of 15 meters.
Our high-voltage cables are mainly 75kv and 90kv. In addition, we are also developing new high-voltage cable products based on market demand. If you are interested in our high-voltage cables, or you just want to buy one wire, please contact our customer service~

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