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A repairman from Dubai ordered our high-voltage cables

A customer in Dubai saw on the website that our high-voltage cables can replace Claymoun.t, so he took the initiative to contact us to inquire about the details of high-voltage cables. The customer stated that he was a repairman who came to consult on behalf of a local hospital and wanted to buy a new product to replace the old one. We asked the customer what type of high-voltage cable they are replacing? Ask the customer what device they are using? What is the tube voltage? What is the required cable length? The customer stated that the tube voltage is 125kv and the length is 10 meters. Could you please send us product pictures? Based on the pictures sent by the customer, we told the customer that our high-voltage cable can replace his, the specification is 75kv10 meters and quoted the price. After detailed communication, we found that the customer’s colleagues had purchased products of the same specification from our company before, which made communication more convenient. The customer said that he would report it to the hospital first and then contact us after confirming the purchase. About two weeks later, the customer came to us and said that payment was ready.
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