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A Shanghai high voltage cable inquiry.

X ray machine cable conditions

The high voltage cable is mainly used to connect the X-ray tube and the high voltage generator to supply high voltage to the X-ray tube.

Yesterday, there was an old Shanghai customer to consult our high voltage cable. Previous customers ordered high-voltage cables of 1 meter or 2 meters. This time we contacted us with a new salesman. When we asked customers what specifications they needed, the customer said that they still need to ask, I want to know the difference between 75kv and 90kv high voltage cables. The 75kv high-voltage cable is mainly used for 125kv X-ray tubes, and the 90kv high-voltage cable is mainly used for 150kv X-ray tubes.

Finally, the customer confirmed that they wanted to order a 90kv 30m long high voltage cable. We have quoted the customer, the customer said that we need to discuss it, and then contact us.

High tension cable 12mt for insulation

If you are interested in our high voltage cable, please feel free to contact us.

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