Advantages of Newheek high-voltage cables - Newheek X ray Cable

Advantages of Newheek high-voltage cables

High-voltage cables are suitable for transmitting high-voltage current in standard X-ray medical equipment, electron microscopes, electronic analysis instruments and other equipment. So what are the advantages of our high-voltage cables?

1. The high-voltage cable has the characteristics of good flexibility, low noise, good high-voltage characteristics, and wide safety margin. The high-voltage cable is usually connected to the tube and the generator, and transmits the high voltage generated by the generator to X

2. Our high-voltage cable conductors have good bending resistance and high flexibility to avoid electromagnetic crosstalk of transmission signals, and have a good electromagnetic interference shielding effect outside the cable itself.

3. It has multiple excellent properties such as soft and wear-resistant, hydrolysis resistance, anti-bacterial, anti-adhesion and anti-ultraviolet rays, which improves the service life of the cable in harsh environments. The elasticity of the cable sheath has an excellent protective effect on the internal structure.

We are experts in the design and manufacture of high voltage cables and cable sockets. The high-voltage cables we manufacture are suitable for all medical equipment.


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