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An Indian customer inquired about high-voltage cables

A customer in India consulted about high-voltage cables, and the tube voltage was 150 kV. We recommend that customers use 90 kV high-voltage cables and quote them to customers. But the customer requires customized high-voltage cable length. According to the customer’s cable length, we can customize it, ask the customer whether the connector is straight or elbow, and then calculate and quote the customized price to the customer.
The characteristics of the high voltage cables produced by our company Newheek are as follows:
1 For medical applications, such as X-ray machines, DR, CT, etc.
2 Used to connect X-ray tube and high voltage generator.
3 Can be customized for different applications.
4 Two straight-through elbow connections can be provided.
5 The cable length can be customized.
6 Cable accessories can be ordered separately.

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