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Application of our Newheek high-voltage cable connector

The high-voltage cable connector mainly refers to the middle cable joint, that is, two high-voltage cables are connected to form a cable through this part, which is used to connect with other equipment and lines.
The high-voltage cable connector is an indispensable component in the cable line. It is used to connect two high-voltage cables and increase the electric field at the ends of the two cables.
Long circuits must be connected by two or more cables, which requires high-voltage cable connectors.
1. Contact resistance: each contact resistance of plugs and sockets should not be greater than 0.001Ω.
2. DC withstand voltage: the three-core cable plug socket is in contact with the ground, and 94kV (peak) pulsed DC voltage is applied for 15 minutes without breakdown.
1) When the plug and socket are not energized, the service life of the plug and socket is not less than 1000 times;
2) Under the conditions of 70kv (peak value), 50Hz AC voltage, and oil temperature of 100℃, the three-core cable plug and socket will be energized for 200h without breakdown.
Newheek high voltage cable connectors can meet your different purchasing needs.

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