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Can Newheek high voltage cable length be customized?

Low voltage cable customizable length

The high voltage cable is mainly used to connect the high voltage generator and the X-ray tube. Newheek’s standard high-voltage cable lengths now include 3m, 6m, 9m, 10m. If the customer has a need, we can also customize the service for the customer. Of course, if the customer needs to customize, we also need to judge how many customers need to purchase at a time according to the length of the customer, in order to meet our custom standards.

HV cable system for U arm

If you need us to quote, please let us know about your company and the quantity, length and specifications you need.

Newheek mainly supplies 75kv high voltage cable and 90kv high voltage cable.

4m 90kvdc high voltage cable conveying high voltage

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