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Can the high-voltage cable be purchased separately?

Recently, a customer inquired about high-voltage cables. We introduced our two high-voltage cables 75kV and 90kV three-wire cables. The customers said that the voltage of the high-voltage cables can meet their needs. We sent the product parameters and photos to the customers. The product parameters meet the requirements, but the high-voltage cable connector does not meet their socket style. After confirming that we cannot provide the customer with the connector style they need, the customer asked if it is possible to buy only the high-voltage cable cable, and the connector will be purchased separately, and we reply Of course you can.
Our Newheek high-voltage cables and cable connectors can also be ordered separately. The length of the cable can be customized. The connectors are available in straight and elbow styles. If you are also interested in high-voltage cables, please call for consultation.

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