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Chilean customer enquires about high voltage cable

The Chilean customer consulted Weifang Newheek Electronic Technology Co., LTD about the high-voltage cable. He told the customer that we have 90KV and 75KV ball tubes, which are suitable for 125KV and 150KV respectively. He asked the customer which one they needed and what equipment they used for, and it was ok for our high-voltage cable to be used in CT, double column, sickle arm and other X-ray machines. Ask customer needs a few root, a few meters, line length can be customized, head straight or bend, the clients are equipment running, also install the length can’t be measured, such as tear open come down to determine, after the current need 2 root, before is Toshiba, worried that we can’t replace, informing us of the plug is national standard, universal, asked whether also need other accessories, customers also did not return, The customer has no forwarder in China.
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