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Colombia customer inquired about high-voltage cables

The Colombian customer is a well-known engineering company and needs a batch of high-voltage cables.
Our high-voltage cables are mainly used in medical and industrial X-ray equipment. There are many specifications and the highest high-voltage resistance is 150 kV.
The three-core high-voltage cable has eight layers from the copper core to the outermost layer. The specific functions of each layer are as follows:
The first layer from outside to inside is the outer sheath layer, made of PVC. Play a protective and waterproof role.
The second layer is a protective layer of steel belt. It protects the cable from being crushed or scratched.
The third layer is the inner sheath. Ensure that the shielding layer of the steel tape is not connected with the shielding layer of the copper tape, and it also has the function of waterproofing.
The fourth layer is covered with non-woven fabric or other materials. Plays the role of tightening cables, ensuring roundness, waterproofing, and flame retardant.
The fifth layer is a copper tape shield. Play the role of protection, uniform electric field, grounding, etc.
The sixth layer is a semi-conductive outer shielding layer. Play a uniform electric field.
The seventh layer is a polymer insulating layer. Plays the role of insulation, excellent insulation performance.
The eighth layer is the inner shielding layer, which acts as a uniform electric field.
The customer sent the high-voltage cable parameter requirements, our parameters are in line, the customer is very satisfied, and will purchase soon.

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