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Connectors for 90kv high voltage cables

90kv high voltage cablesjoint refers to the metal shell of the joint and the metal shielding and insulation shielding of the connected 90kv high voltage cables on the electrical continuous joint. In order to reduce the induced electromotive force (EMF) of metal sheath in high voltage transmission lines, insulated joints are needed to realize cross-transposed connection to eliminate the circulating current generated by the induced EMF. The insulation joint is a joint that disconnects the metal sleeve of the cable, the metal shield and the insulation shield on the electrical.
90kv high voltage cables is an important part of X-ray machine, and the connection of 90kv high voltage cables is also very important. It has a protective effect on the personal safety of medical staff and plays an important role in connecting high-voltage generator and ball tube.

90kv high voltage cables

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