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Customer asks about the type of high voltage cable

Recently, I received a call from the customer, saying that they need to purchase a batch of cables for use. I was interested in the elbow high-voltage cable products of our company, and wanted to know the specific situation. The difference between the high-voltage cable and the low-voltage cable was vague, so it became the customer’s explanation about the high-voltage cable. The components of high-voltage cable from inside to outside include conductor, insulation and inner sheath.

For high-voltage cables, we can mainly focus on the wires on the poles and the cables in the underground pipe network. We say that there are different kinds and situations of laying methods for high-voltage cables, such as buried, pipeline, tunnel or overhead. As for the cable itself, the high-voltage cable can be divided into aluminum core cable or copper core cable according to the material. For those areas with complex environmental conditions and special requirements, the use of newheek high voltage cable is more reliable in quality and safety;

The cable is the bridge between the power supply equipment and the electric equipment, which plays the role of transmitting electric energy. It is widely used, so faults often occur. The following is a brief analysis of the causes of common problems of high-voltage cables. According to the causes of the faults, they can be divided into the following categories: Manufacturer’s manufacturing reasons, construction quality reasons, design reasons of the design unit, and external force damage.

In general, the problems that are easy to occur in the cable production process are: insulation ZD eccentricity, uneven thickness of insulation shielding, impurities in the insulation, protrusions in the internal and external shielding, uneven degree of cross-linking, cable damp, poor sealing of cable metal sheath, etc. in some cases, faults may occur in the completion test or shortly after putting into operation, and most of them exist in the form of defects in the cable system It will cause serious hidden danger to the long-term safe operation of the cable.

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