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Customer calls about the installation and use of high voltage cable

Recently, customers in Luoyang, Henan Province purchased our company’s high-voltage cable, but there were some problems in the installation and use, so they called for consultation. So what should be paid attention to when installing the high-voltage cable? Cable laying requirements

1. The position of cable steel support is correct, the welding is firm, the arrangement is orderly, and the anti-corrosion treatment is carried out;

2. The cable steel support shall be reliably grounded, and the grounding wire shall be connected by lap welding, and the welding length shall meet the specification requirements;

3. The specification of cable ladder, support span and anti-corrosion type shall meet the design or specification requirements.

4. The metal cable pipe shall be free of holes, cracks, obvious unevenness and serious corrosion.

5. Before the newheek high-voltage cable of our company is set, the cable and insulation shall be checked

6. The distance between the supporting points of the cable shall not be greater than:

(1) Power cable: horizontal spacing of 1m, vertical spacing of 2m;

(2) Control cable: horizontal spacing 0.8m, vertical spacing 1m;

7. If the average temperature of the cable storage place within 24 hours before laying and the temperature of the laying site are lower than the following temperature, measures shall be taken, otherwise, it is not suitable for laying.

8. For the cable lines with anti-interference requirements, anti-interference measures shall be taken according to the requirements of the design or equipment manufacturer.

9. Lighting pole equipped with lightning rod shall meet relevant requirements of grounding device when laying cable

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