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Customer consults 75KV3M high-voltage cables for matching products

Yesterday, I received an inquiry about high-voltage cables from a customer in Liaoning. Customers need our high-voltage cables to support the products produced in their factories. I learned that customers need 75KV, 3m cables, and the demand is relatively large. Inform customers that they need to apply for the price separately, because if the demand is large, there will be a discount in the price. The customer stated that they would make further negotiations to determine how many items are needed.
Recently, many customers have inquired about our company’s high-voltage cables, and our cables have also been exported to many countries and regions.
We are a manufacturer mainly producing X-ray machines and ancillary products. High-voltage cables are an important production line for us. We mainly produce 75KV and 90KV medical high-voltage cables, which can be used on 125kv and 150kv tube respectively. The length can be customized freely, and the price varies with the length. The cable plug is a national standard universal plug, which can be applied to most X-ray machines and tubes. At present, we are actively developing 4pin cable plugs, which can be used as a complete set of X-ray machines of several international brands. If you are also looking for supporting manufacturers of high voltage cables, come to us, let us work together for a win-win situation!

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