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Customers call to consult high-voltage cables

Recently, many customers have called to inquire about high-voltage cables. Let’s share with you our 75KV and 90KV high-voltage cables.
The 75KV high-voltage cable is mainly used to connect the tube and generator with 125KV tube voltage, and the 90KV high-voltage cable is used to connect the tube and generator with 150KV tube voltage.
The connector of the high-voltage cable configuration is a three-hole plug. Pay attention to the corresponding positions of the three holes when installing. The three holes are marked C (common end), S (small focus), and L (large focus). The correct position is the jack When facing yourself, the C hole is on the top, the S hole is on the left, and the L hole is on the right. If you install it incorrectly, it will affect the normal use of the cable.
In addition, it is recommended to inject insulating silicone grease into the connector during use to fill the gap, which can reduce the discharge of high voltage to the shell and prolong the service life of the high voltage cable.
If you have other questions about high-voltage cables, you can call for consultation.

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