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Definition and characteristics of medical high voltage cables

A medical high voltage cable is a type of cable used in a stationary X-ray machine, usually consisting of a conductive material such as copper and an insulating material such as rubber or plastic. This cable is used to deliver high voltage to the X-ray tube of the X-ray machine to excite high-energy X-rays and transmit the signals required for X-ray imaging back to the console. Since medical high voltage cables carry high voltage currents, they need to be very reliable and safe to ensure the safety of medical staff and patients. Medical high voltage cables need to have the following characteristics:
1. High voltage resistance, high temperature resistance, and radiation resistance: Medical high voltage cables need to be able to withstand high voltage currents and resist high-energy X-ray radiation. In addition, it needs to withstand high temperatures and frequent changes in the environment.
2. Abrasion-resistant and tensile-resistant: Since medical high-voltage cables usually need to be connected to X-ray tubes and consoles, it needs to have good abrasion-resistant and tensile-resistant properties to ensure that they will not break or be damaged for long-term use.
3. Good insulation performance: In order to ensure the safety of medical staff and patients, high-voltage cables need to have good insulation performance to avoid dangers such as current leakage and electric shock.
In conclusion, medical high-voltage cables play a vital role in stationary X-ray machines and need to have high reliability and safety to ensure the safety of patients and medical staff.
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