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Egypt customer consults high-voltage cable plug

An Egyptian customer inquired about high-voltage cable plugs. The customer needed ten high-voltage cable plugs, and needed accessories such as epoxy resin for insulation and tail pipes of the cable plugs.
I sent a picture to the customer to confirm whether the cable plug is four-core or three-core. The four-core plug is used for mobile X-ray machines or mobile DR, and the three-core plug is mainly used for breast machines or gastrointestinal machines. Moreover, our cable plugs are divided into two types: straight and elbow, customers need to determine which one they need. The customer replied that they would contact us after confirmation.
The main function of the high-voltage cable plug is to keep the cable sealed, make the circuit unobstructed, and ensure the insulation level at the cable joint, so that it can operate safely and reliably.

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