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Electron beam welding machine X-ray high voltage cable

Today, a dealer consulted about our X-ray high-voltage cables. They are X-ray high-voltage cables for electron beam welding machines.
Regarding the X-ray high voltage cable for electron beam welding machine: provide the outline dimension drawing, can you provide the DC withstand voltage factory test report of 100kv X-ray high voltage cable? How long is the delivery time? payment method? The cross-section of the cable core is 6 square millimeters, and the one on your company’s website is 1.8 square millimeters. The X-ray high-voltage cables need to be 100kv withstand voltage, with three cores in the middle, and the cross section of each core is about 6 square millimeters. The same on our company website. The customer asked if the main insulation material of our company is silicone rubber? The withstand voltage between the three cores is required to be greater than 3000V. The current is 30V, it needs 100 meters, and the length of each X-ray high-voltage cable is 33 meters. The price and delivery date are quoted. If the product quality is good, their annual purchase amount is 1,000 meters. Tell the customer that our parameters basically meet the requirements, but our insulating material is made of rubber.
To inform customers that the items to be tested are different from those for medical use X-ray high voltage cable, it is recommended that you buy samples for testing first to see if they can meet your requirements. At present, we have two kinds of 75KV and 90KV. The withstand voltage of 90V can reach 100KV. The specific value can be measured by the customer. The final customer wants a 33-meter cable with encapsulation, which will be sent to the customer as a contract. After the payment is received, we directly send the X-ray high voltage cable to the customer.
In addition, our company specializes in producing various Vertical, mobile chest film racks, various types of x-ray machine parts, if you have similar items X-ray high voltage cable, please call to discuss.

10m high voltage cable connected to medical X ray machine


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