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Fault diagnosis of medical high voltage cable

Recently, a customer inquired about the fault of medical high voltage cable. Let’s have a look together.
The fault performance
1. High voltage cable breakdown: it mainly occurs at the repeatedly bending of the cable
2. High-voltage plug breakdown
3. cable core open: occurs in the cable core and high voltage plug welding
The cause of the problem
1. The high voltage exceeds the high voltage cable of the cable due to machine fault
2. the production quality, cable core line depends on the production quality problems
3. Due to the repeated movement of the ball tube during the use of the machine, the end of the high-voltage cable is repeatedly bent, making the bending performance worse
4. Insulating material performance
Fault detection
1. Off-line testing: Measure insulation resistance with insulation tester (shake meter) and lead on and off with multimeter.
2. Substitution test: substitute a pair of new high voltage cables.
3. Observation method: see whether there is black mark of breakdown discharge at the end of the cable, and smell whether there is a bad smell with the nose.
4. Switching method: Switching method is a simple and effective method for the system to load and judge the cable fault. At the same time, the two cable plugs at the end of the ball tube and the high-pressure fuel tank are exchanged, and the waveform of KV+ Kv-MA +MA test point is detected with an oscilloscope to see whether the fault waveform is exchanged at both ends of +-.If the fault waveform exchange can be judged as a fault of high voltage cable, the high voltage cable with abnormal waveform will have a fault.
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