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High voltage cable connection X-ray tube

X-ray high-voltage cable is an important bridge connecting high-voltage generator and X-ray tube, don’t underestimate it is just a high-voltage cable, it is an indispensable accessory!

We have 75KV high voltage cables and 90KV high voltage cables. If your tube is 125KV, we suggest you buy 75KV high voltage cable. If your tube is 150KV, we suggest you buy 90KV high voltage cable. Usually 8 meters in length is enough for ordinary filming machines. If your high-voltage cables are of other sizes, please let us know.
Newheek specializes in the production of various X-ray machines and components. X-ray high-voltage cables are just one of the accessories. Our company can also accept special customization. If you have special needs, please contact us !
High voltage cable connection X-ray tube
If you want to get a sample of high voltage cable, please contact us. info@xraycable.com

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