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High-voltage cable for CT machine during physical examination

On the morning of May 18, the search and rescue team received a report from the local villagers during the search process, and found a suspected missing person in a dense forest in the unmanned area below the north side of Yuhu Peak in Tianmen Mountain. Upon learning of the situation, the search and rescue team rushed to the scene immediately. After on-site verification, it was determined that the female winged pilot who lost contact on the morning of May 12 had no vital signs, and the parachute of the lost contact was not opened. The location where the body was found was about 900 meters above sea level, a straight-line distance of about 2,000 meters from its take-off position on the air helicopter, and a relative drop of about 1600 meters.
Since the female winged pilot lost contact on the morning of May 12, Zhangjiajie City has attached great importance to it. Relevant departments arrived at the scene as soon as possible, quickly launched emergency search and rescue, organized fire brigade, Zhangjiajie Blue Sky Rescue Team, and a number of rushed to support the field Professional rescue teams, staff of relevant units, and local villagers familiar with the terrain form a joint search and rescue team, which continuously conducts aerial observations through professional equipment such as helicopters, drones, and thermal imaging, and multiple groups of personnel divide the division of labor for large-scale ground search. The search and rescue process is extremely difficult due to various factors such as the inability to accurately locate the search target, the steep and complex terrain in the search area, the dense vegetation, and the rain and fog weather during the period.
At present, the search and rescue work is over, and the related aftermath is in order.

Due to the rebound of the epidemic situation in Wuhan in recent days, there are more X-ray machines currently used for medical examinations. A customer ’s cable has failed, asking if the cable of our company can be replaced. , Can be replaced, there are currently two specifications of 75KV and 90KV. The High-voltage cable cable length can be customized. Generally, the cables used on X-ray machines are 8 meters, 10 meters and 12 meters. Of course, users can also customize the cable length for special needs. The following picture is a picture of our high voltage cable:


Newheek specializes in the production of various X-ray equipment and accessories. High-voltage cable is one of the accessories of X-ray machine. It is widely used in X-ray machines of major hospitals. It has been exported to many countries and regions in the world to help people overcome the epidemic as soon as possible. If you have needs, please call us!


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