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High voltage cable for xray machine

Newheek high voltage cable length can be customized to continuously increase the added value of products, provide customers with more high-quality products, timely supply security and continuous research and development support.
In medical cases, high voltage cable connects the X-ray tueb to the generator and passes the high pressure generated by the ball tube to the X-ray machine.High voltage cable is the core component of X-ray machine.
high voltage cable is divided into two kinds according to the degree of pressure resistance: 75KV and 9OKV.According to the arrangement of the Central Line coaxial and non – coaxial type of two. One of the properties of its high voltage cables is good insulation.

Newheek is the research and development and manufacture of X-ray source key components and systems.Focus on medical and industrial X-ray applications.

Our high voltage cable  caters to your specific needs.
High voltage cable for xray machine

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