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High voltage cable for x ray machine

High voltage cable
High voltage cable for x ray machine
In many cases, the X-ray machine fails, and the high pressure part is the first to be checked. High-voltage fault maintenance is the maintenance of these three components. The circuit of the high-pressure part is not complicated, but the process is complicated, and the high-pressure components are all sealed, which is inconvenient to open detection directly. After opening, the packaging needs special equipment. High pressure failure is manifested as different machine failures. The following phenomenon should be considered as the fault of high voltage cable.
First of all, the breakdown of the high voltage cable itself, mostly occurs in the repeated bend of the high voltage cable. The other is high voltage connector breakdown. The third is the cable conductor open circuit, occurs in the cable conductor and high-voltage plug welding place. The reason for the failure is that the high voltage of the machine exceeds the tolerance voltage of high voltage cable. Production quality, cable core cable to see the road more quality issues.Due to the repeated movement of the ball tube and the repeated bending of the end of the high-voltage cable, the bending performance becomes worse.

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