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High voltage cable type.

Newheek’s high voltage cables are available in 75kv and 90kv types and are suitable for all types of X-ray equipment.

Ht cables are the core components

High voltage cables are mainly used to connect high voltage generators and X-ray tubes. The main purpose is to deliver high voltage to X-ray tubes.

Among them, 75kv high voltage cable is mainly used for 125kv X-ray tube, and 90kv high voltage cable is mainly used for 150kv X-ray tube. For example, Newheek’s 500mA X-ray machine, U-arm is a standard 125kv X-ray tube, so they use 75kv high voltage cable. In the case of the customer’s request, we will configure according to the customer’s requirements.

High tension cable 12mt for insulation

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