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High-voltage cables may cause breakdown

High-voltage cables are a kind of X-ray machine parts that we often use daily, but we often receive calls from many customers saying that their high-voltage cables have been broken down, asking us if we can use high-voltage cables for replacement. Today Let’s first look at several situations in which high-voltage cables may cause breakdown.
1 High-voltage cables are exposed to long-term dampness or long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays, which causes the rubber to age, and the insulation strength decreases, causing breakdown.
2 The quality of the high-voltage cable is poor, the thickness of the rubber layer and the core wire is not uniform, the cutting is accidentally damaged during assembly, the rubber is burned during welding, the surface is not cleaned thoroughly and the discharge is caused, the core wire and the plug are poorly welded, etc.
3 The insulating strength of the filler filled with high-voltage cables is low, causing breakdown.
4 High-voltage cables are often twisted, hard-folded or pressed, which damages the insulation layer and breaks down.

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