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How many types of high voltage cable in Newheek

Do you know how many types of x-ray high voltage cable in Newheek?
Our company Newheek produces two kinds of high-voltage cables, one is 75KV high-voltage cable, suitable for 125KV tube, the other is 90KV high-voltage cable, suitable for 150KV tube. Moreover, the length of the cable can be customized. For example, the U-arm X-ray machine uses an 8-meter-long high-voltage cable, while the gastrointestinal X-ray machine uses a 12-meter-long high-voltage cable. Of course, some customers have special requirements, which can be customized. Our cable length is not fixed, but can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers.

The cables produced by our company are not only used in the domestic market, but also sold to many countries and regions in the world, and have been well received. If you need high voltage cables, pls contact us
high voltage cable in Newheek
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