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How should we protect hv cable?

When using x ray high voltage cable, we should pay attention to deeply understand the performance of cables, strictly control the quality of cables, understand the production and manufacturing process of various hv cable, thoroughly analyze the structure and technical characteristics of hv cable, master the mechanical characteristics of hv cable, and lay a good theoretical foundation for the correct use of hv cable.
How should we protect hv cable
When transporting and storing hv cable, we should pay attention to the dry environment, non-corrosive gases, and avoid wind blowing, sunshine and rain; during the process of transportation and handling, the cables and cable discs should not be damaged; it is strictly forbidden to push the cable discs down directly from the truck; the cables should not be transported horizontally and stored horizontally; before transporting or rolling the cable discs, we must ensure that the hv cable discs are firm, the cables are tightly wound and filled with oil. The tubing between the hv cable and the pressure tank should be fixed and not damaged. The pressure tank should be firm and the pressure indication should meet the requirements.
How should we protect hv cable

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