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How to choose the whole set of high-voltage cable

The high-voltage cable is used as a device for our connection. The frequency we use is very high. Many customers will have the related needs of high-voltage cables. Today I want to talk to you about how we should choose the high-voltage cable that is suitable for our use. cable.

Our high-voltage cable is a common high-voltage cable used in medical equipment. There are 3 copper terminals cast on the bottom of the high-voltage cable socket.
There is a 1cm deep hole drilled in the middle of the high voltage cable terminal, so that the plug and the socket have a good match.
The front end of the high-voltage cable plug is equipped with three copper pins connected to the socket. The pins have wiring holes for welding the core wires of the cable. A copper trumpet is set on the inner end of the high-voltage cable plug so as to be welded with the metal shield of the cable to form a good ground.

The relevant content about our high-voltage cable is the above, if you still have a need for high-voltage cable and want to understand the relevant knowledge not covered in the article, you can contact us for detailed contact communication.


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