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How to distinguish the quality of the cable

1. Wires with good weight and quality are generally within the specified weight range.
2. See if there are quality system certifications, anti-counterfeiting marks, and whether the packaging is intact;
3. A wire head can be taken to be bent repeatedly by hand. Anything that has a soft feel, good fatigue resistance, plastic and rubber feel elasticity and no cracks on the wire insulation is a superior product.
4. Intercept a section of insulation to see if its core is in the middle of the insulation. Not centered is the phenomenon of eccentricity caused by the low technology. If the power is small, it will be safe when used. Once the power consumption is large, the thinner side is likely to be broken by current.
The outer layer of the plastic wire of the regular product has bright luster and fine texture. There should be no open flame when lit with a lighter. Informal products use recycled plastics, with dull color and loose texture, which can ignite an open flame. The insulation layer of the inferior wire seems to be very thick. In fact, it is mostly made of recycled plastic. Over time, the insulation layer will age and leak electricity.
5. It is necessary to see whether the length and the thickness of the core are used for hands and feet. The relevant standards stipulate that the error of the wire length measurement cannot exceed ± 0.5%, the cross-sectional wire diameter cannot exceed ± 0.1%, the length of each standard roll is 100m, the error does not exceed ± 2cm, and the length of non-standard products varies from 60 to 80m.
6, price, because the production cost of counterfeit and inferior wire is low, therefore, when selling, vendors often sell at low prices under the guise of cheap and good quality, which makes people fooled.


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