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How to maintain high-voltage cables during use

1. During the use and maintenance process, the explosion-proof surface should be prevented from colliding or rusting.
2. During the maintenance process, the connector is strictly forbidden to be operated with electricity. After the power is cut off, it must be ensured that there is no residual voltage before unplugging and disassembling any part.
3. In addition to discharging the residual charge by reliable means in accordance with the coal safety regulations, the mobile power station can also be used to attenuate the discharge.
The sequence of safe operations is as follows:
1. Generally, the load switch is kept closed before the operation, and the high-voltage switch is opened and marked with a “no closing” sign or locked, and then operate the connector, 35kV high-voltage cable, if there is a low-voltage feedback, it should be opened first. Feed switch and load switch
2. If the load switch is disconnected when the high voltage switch is pulled, after marking or locking the high voltage switch, first close the load switch for at least one minute to discharge the residual voltage to ensure safety, and then carry out the necessary operations.
3. When reinstalling, the whole line must be plugged before powering on.
4. After unplugging the flange of the intermediate shell of the connector, if it needs to be kept for a period of time, it should be covered with a sealing cover, and it is still sealed with a sealing gasket to prevent the intrusion of moisture.
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