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How to pack and transport high-voltage cables

pack and transport high-voltage cables
high-voltage cable
Many friends know that we are a professional manufacturer of X-ray machines and accessories. High-voltage cables are one of our company’s main products. Many friends asked me how to pack and transport high-voltage cables? Let me introduce to you.
Pay special attention to the protection of plugs when packing high-voltage cables. Therefore, when we pack, we usually wrap it with shockproof film to prevent bumps during transportation. Our high-voltage cables are suitable for most high-voltage cable assemblies and high-voltage cable joints required by medical X-ray and industrial X-ray applications. The conductor has good bending resistance and high flexibility; it can avoid the electromagnetic crosstalk of the transmission signal, and has a good electromagnetic interference shielding effect outside the cable itself; it has multiple excellent performances such as soft and abrasion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, anti-bacterial, anti-adhesion and anti-ultraviolet rays. The service life of the cable in harsh environments; the elasticity of the cable sheath has an excellent protective effect on the internal structure.
A tripod or crane should be used in the loading and unloading of high-voltage cables. It is strictly forbidden to push directly from the vehicle to the ground to avoid the cable shaft from breaking and damaging the cable.
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