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How to repair the breakdown of high voltage cable

The high voltage cable is used to connect the X-ray machine ball tube and the high voltage generator. High voltage cables are divided into 75KV and 90KV. As a connecting part, high voltage cable has the risk of breakdown,
High voltage cable breakdown of X-ray machine often occurs near the high voltage cable plug. The main reasons are as follows
1. The configuration of X-ray machine is low, there are many high-voltage primary without SCR zero phase closing device, the sudden rise of high-voltage secondary voltage is easy to break down the high-voltage cable.
2. In the installation of X-ray machine, the installation and connection of ground wire are ignored, and most of them are simple ground wire connection, which often leads to electric leakage due to poor contact after a long time.
How to repair high voltage cable after breakdown:
First, find the location of the breakdown. Generally, the location of the breakdown is black. Secondly, the maintenance process is: after confirming the wiring position of large and small focus and common line and marking, the metal shielding layer and pin lead are welded open. Melt the original filler in the plug with heated transformer oil and pull out the plug. Saw off the breakdown part of the cable, and trim the protective layer and metal shielding layer of the cable according to the length of the plug. Finally, seal the plug.
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