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How to replace the high voltage cable

The high voltage cable line is too long, the line resistance is about 1 ohm, the high-pressure sodium lamp has a large power (no power data is given), and it is an inductive ballast with a low power factor and a large line loss voltage drop. It should be added near the end Connecting capacitors in parallel to improve the power factor can reduce the line loss, and the voltage will be slightly increased.
In the early mobile phone industry, this kind of charging cable could not be unified, and the various brands of mobile phone charger plugs were dazzling, resulting in a lot of waste of resources. At present, the entire industry is gradually adopting the national standard three-core high-voltage cable, and some special cables such as four-core will gradually reduce the share. For the customization of high-voltage cables, it is necessary to verify the withstand voltage value and length of the plug, core, wire, etc. These conditions are indispensable. If a special style of high-voltage cable is customized, there is also a length or quantity limit, because it needs to be modeled separately, The cost of mold opening is not generally high. Basically, only 500m or 300 pieces (≥3m each) can be individually customized for special specifications.

Medical high voltage cable applications

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