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Indispensable accessories for high-voltage cable X-ray machine

According to Politico, two U.S. Department of Defense officials said that 13 crew members on board the USS Roosevelt had recovered from the new crown pneumonia and returned to the ship, and were again tested positive for the new crown virus. Since the virus broke out in late March, the aircraft carrier has been stranded in Guam.
It is understood that the crew of the Roosevelt began to return to the ship in late April after being quarantined for a month in Guam. However, the crew had new symptoms of pneumonitis since early May, such as cough and fever, although both tests were negative.
According to an official, some of the crew members who returned to the ship had more severe symptoms, including physical pain and headaches. This slowed down the speed of the ship’s return, because all crew members required no symptoms within three days, and two test results were negative, and the isolation period was completed.
According to CNN’s first report on Thursday, five crew members tested positive for the new coronavirus after re-boarding, so the new numbers mean that the number of positive cases has more than doubled. According to relevant officials, 13 crew members infected with the new coronary pneumonia have been removed from the ship and isolated at the US Naval Base in Guam.
Naval spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Myers Vasquez said: “This week, a few crew members who had previously been tested positive for the new corona virus and met strict rehabilitation standards were again tested for the virus. This will result in a small number of close contacts also being transferred from the ship to accept Detection and isolation.

Our high-voltage cables are divided into 75kv and 90kv, which are medically used for 125kv and 150kv x-ray tube. The conductor material is tinned copper, with a nominal cross-section of 1.8mm², a structure of 19 / 0.35mm, twisted to the left, insulated wire core, and the material is F46. Elastomer high-voltage insulation, gray pvc sheath, semi-conductive elastomer inner shield, 2 layers outer shield. High voltage insulation is better, safe and effective.


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