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Inquiry of 75kv high voltage cable

The high voltage cable is one of Newheek’s hot-selling X-ray machines. Newheek’s high voltage cable is divided into 75kv and 90kv. Newheek high voltage cable is suitable for most X-ray machines, such as U-arm, C-arm, G-arm and ordinary filming machines.
Mr. V from the United States, ask us for more details about the 75kv, 6m high voltage cable:

Claymount hv cables application

Let me introduce you to Newheek high voltage cable:
√ For medical applications, such as x-ray machine, DR, CT etc.
√ From basic radiography systems to high performance systems.
√ Customized for highest flexibility.
√ Complete product range.
√ Every cable length available.
Customized Length is Acceptable
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