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Liaoning customers inquire about high voltage cables

Liaoning customers have seen our high-voltage cables on our company’s Taobao, and are very interested in our high-voltage cables. They want to know the specific information and quotations of our high-voltage cables. If necessary, they will buy from our company.
The customer inquired about a pet hospital. The cable plug on the hospital pet DR is broken and can only be replaced with a new one. We confirmed with the customer that the model and length of the cable are 75KV 4m, and told the customer that our cable length can be customized. The customer inquired about whether there is high-pressure silicone grease, replied to the customer that we have it, sent the product information and quotation to the customer, and the customer replied that he would buy it from our company if necessary.
The pictures of our high-voltage cables are as follows:

high-voltage cable

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