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Main fault of high temperature cable

High temperature cable is an important part of the X-ray machine.High pressure part mainly refers to high pressure oil tank, high temperature cable, high voltage connector, X-ray tube and other components. High-voltage fault maintenance refers to the maintenance of these three components.
Main fault of high temperature cable
High temperature cable fault performance:
1. Breakdown of the cable itself: it occurs at repeated bends of the cable
2. Breakdown of high voltage plug
3. Cable core wire opening: occurs at the welding place of cable core wire and high voltage plug
The main reasons for the failure are as follows:
4. Due to machine failure, the high voltage exceeds the withstand voltage of the cable
5. Production quality. Cable core wire is mostly a production quality problem
6. As the ball tube moves repeatedly to drive the high-voltage cable end to bend repeatedly when the machine is in use, the performance at the bend becomes worse
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