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Maintenance and precautions of xray high voltage cables

Maintenance and precautions of high voltage cables Part Two
Matters needing attention during the use of high voltage cables are:
5. When hanging high-voltage cable, it is necessary to use circular groove hanger with arc, not directly hanging on the hook or by bundling, and the permissible bending radius of high-voltage cable is not less than 8.5 times of cable diameter.
6. When repairing and maintaining high voltage cables which have been used for many years, a steel sleeve can be added to the upper end of the plug socket to reduce the breakdown damage caused by bending of the cable roots.
7. Always pay attention to the fixed ring and X-ray tube at both ends of the high-voltage cable, and whether the high-voltage generator is tightened to avoid danger.
8, avoid being corroded by gasoline and transformer oil.
Suggestion: In case of unexplained sudden power failure, the power switch of the equipment should be switched off in time, especially for high-power equipment.

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