Many countries in Europe welcome the lifting of the blockade, and the number of deaths in the UK epidemic rose to the first in Europe - Newheek X ray Cable - Newheek X ray Cable

Many countries in Europe welcome the lifting of the blockade, and the number of deaths in the UK epidemic rose to the first in Europe

With the alleviation of the new crown epidemic, many countries in Europe ushered in the “ongoing” unblocking. While relaxing restrictive measures and restarting the economy, governments of many countries have recommended or forced people to wear masks in public and do personal protection in preparation for entering the “new normal.”

From the 4th, most areas of the country will enter the preparation stage of the phased downgrade and ban measures. At this stage, small shops such as barber shops can reopen and accept customers who have made advance reservations; restaurants can sell takeaway food; The “foot ban” has also been relaxed, and people can go out for physical exercise at different times according to their age. The government stipulates that people “must use masks” on public transportation. The government began distributing 6 million masks in major public transportation hubs on the 4th, and issued 7 million masks to municipalities and 1.5 million masks to other social institutions.

When Prime Minister Philip introduced the lifting plan to the National Assembly on April 28, he said that within three weeks after lifting the ban on May 11, people must wear masks when taking public transportation such as subways and buses. On the 4th, some large supermarkets across France have begun selling masks.

Start the first phase of the “lifting ban” plan. Public transportation resumed normal operation; some enterprises began to resume work, but remote office is still the first choice; people can go out with family or up to two friends while maintaining a social distance of 1.5 meters; the hospital resumes the consultation of non-emergency patients.
The government advises people to wear masks when they go out, and requires people above 12 years old to wear masks when taking public transportation. Major supermarkets began to sell masks, and fabric stores and sewing supplies stores were also allowed to open their doors from the 4th to facilitate people to make masks.

On the 4th ushered in the first day of “unblocking”, officially entered the first phase of the three-step economic and social restart plan. Under the premise of strict disinfection, shops and street shops under 200 square meters can be opened for business. The government stipulates that people must wear masks when they go out to take a bus or enter a store, otherwise they may be fined. The pedestrians on the streets of Lisbon have increased significantly, and the vast majority wear masks.

The government emphasizes that people must maintain social distance and cover their mouths and noses in public places. The government of Malta requires people to wear masks when going to shops and public transportation. Luxembourg will provide 50 masks free of charge to each citizen of the country over 16 years of age, and cross-border workers who come to work in Luxembourg can also enjoy this treatment.

Ushering in the second phase of anti-epidemic and economic recovery, about 4.4 million manufacturing, construction and wholesale employees returned to work. Rome Ciampino Airport and Florence Peretola Airport resumed operations, but intercity high-speed trains are only allowed to take on work-related reasons and must undergo a temperature test. Large cities such as Rome, Milan and Naples reproduce traffic jams during the morning rush hour.

In addition to the capital Budapest and its surrounding areas, restrictions in other areas have begun to relax: the open-air areas of restaurants, hotels and cafes as well as open-air museums, open-air baths and zoos can be opened, and store hours are no longer restricted. Polish shopping malls, hotels, museums, etc. operate under the premise of restricting passenger flow, and at the same time people can use outdoor sports facilities for physical exercise.

Barber shops nationwide can start business again on the 4th in compliance with health regulations; Saxony-Anhalt, which is relatively lightly affected by the epidemic, took the lead in relaxing social restrictions, allowing up to 5 people from different families to gather; Public facilities such as museums, zoos and botanical gardens, libraries, children’s playgrounds, etc. are allowed to reopen under conditions such as sanitation and current restrictions.

United Kingdom
The British government released the latest statistics on the death of the new coronavirus on the 5th. The number of deaths in the UK surpassed Italy and became the country with the largest number of deaths in Europe. British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab disclosed at the daily epidemic briefing on the same day that in the past 24 hours, there were 693 new deaths in the UK, and the total number of deaths reached 29,427. It surpassed 29315 people in Italy for the first time, ranking first in European countries and second in the world.

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