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Medical high-voltage cable failure judgment

Recently, a customer has inquired about the failure of medical high-voltage cables, let’s take a look together.
Medical high-voltage cable failure performance
1. The breakdown of the medical high-voltage cable itself: mostly occurs at the repeated bending of the cable
2. High voltage plug breakdown
3. Open circuit of the medical high-voltage cable core wire: occurs at the welding place of the cable core wire and the high-voltage plug
Causes of medical high-voltage cable failure
1. Due to machine failure, the high voltage exceeds the withstand voltage of the cable
2. Production quality, the cable core wire is mostly a production quality problem
3. Due to the repeated movement of the tube when the machine is in use, the head end of the high-voltage cable is repeatedly bent, which makes the performance of the bend worse.
4. Insulating material performance
Medical high-voltage cable fault detection
1. Offline testing: Use an insulation tester (shaking meter) to measure the insulation resistance, and a multimeter to measure the continuity of the leads.
2. Substitution test: Use a pair of new cables to replace the test.
3. Observation method: see if there is any trace of blackening of the cable head end, and use your nose to smell if there is any odor.
4. Exchange method: The exchange method is a simple and effective method for system loading and judging cable faults. At the same time, the tube end and the high-pressure fuel tank end +- two cable plugs are exchanged, and the KV+KV-MA+MA test point is detected with an oscilloscope. Waveform, see if the fault waveform is swapped between +- terminals. If the fault waveform is exchanged, it can be determined that the high-voltage cable is faulty, and the high-voltage cable at the end of the abnormal waveform is faulty.
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